In and Around the Cemetery Grounds

Vienna Central Cemetery is the second largest cemetery in Europe. It covers a total area of 2.5 million square metres and is home to around 330,000 graves, approximately 1,000 of which are honorary graves. In total, three million people of all religious denominations are interred here. The first individual funeral to take place was for Jakob Zelzer. The grave still stands today (in lot 0, row 0, number 1) and can be found next the administrative buildings along the cemetery wall. Between 20 and 25 funerals take place at Vienna Central Cemetery every day.

Segmentation of the cemetery area

Alongside Catholic graves of the main interdenominational section, the extensive grounds also house a Protestant cemetery, the new and old Jewish cemetery, an Islamic section, a Syriac Orthodox section, a Muslim Egyptian section, a Coptic Orthodox section, a Greek Orthodox section, a Russian Orthodox section, a Romanian Orthodox section, a Serbian Orthodox section and burial plots for those who have donated their bodies to anatomical research.

The cemetery administration department and two of the three morgues are situated next to the main entrance (Gate 2). The old, imposing covered footpaths with 36 crypts can be clearly seen from the gate. They were built in a Neo-Renaissance style.

The Art Nouveau cemetery church of St. Charles Borromeo (also known as the ‘Lueger Kirche') is located at the centre of the cemetery. The presidential crypt and honorary graves are directly in front of the church. The burial site for priests from the Archdiocese of Vienna is situated behind the church. The covered footpaths and columbaria (crypts) are located on either side of the cemetery church.



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The Park of Peace and Power, accessible via Gate 3, is a place to gather strength and to meditate.