Discover the Vienna Central Cemetery with your Smartphone


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300,000 burial plots, 2.5 km²: the Vienna Central Cemetery is Europe's second largest cemetery after Ohlsdorf near Hamburg. Whether Beethoven or Schubert, Falco or Udo Jürgens - if you walk through the Vienna Central Cemetery you will discover some famous names. With its approximately 145 years of history, the Vienna Central Cemetery not only has a lot to offer historically, but also architecturally and in terms of flora and fauna there is a lot to discover.

Flexible routes with the new App

The impressive Vienna Central Cemetery can now also be explored by mobile phone. Independent of time and place famous personalities, memorial places and meeting and nature spaces can be visited. The Hearonymus app and the audio guide "Vienna Central Cemetery" take on the function of an interactive guide. With two clicks, the app can be downloaded to your own smartphone and can be listened to and played in German or English as you wish, unlimited and even without an internet connection. From home on the sofa, on the long flight from Tokyo to Vienna or directly on site at Vienna Central Cemetery, you can listen to the walk through Vienna Central Cemetery and that as often as you like.

The individual route design through the navigation of the integrated map enables a flexible and independent experience. Does it start to rain during your visit of discovery through the Vienna Central Cemetery? No problem, just shorten the route and come back the next day. The funeral museum at Vienna Central Cemetery has also a special audio guide on Hearonymus. This allows visitors to explore details and details of the more than 250 exhibits.

The guide remains on the smartphone. After the download, the guide can be used offline, requires no data volume or WLAN and the tours can be relived at will from home or in the office.



Get the Hearonymus-App

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The Hearonymus app can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or via Google Play. The audio guide costs 6.99 Euro for the Vienna Central Cemetery. It is also possible to purchase the audio guide on site, in which case a reduced price of 5.00 Euro applies.


Further information: Vienna Central Cemetery, Infopoint, Telephone: (01) 534 69-28405, Email enquiry